Collective Bargaining


The new STF collective bargaining package and our new approach to bargaining was introduced at the Annual Meeting of Council in May. 

2019 Collective Bargaining Committees

The members of the respective bargaining committees include:

Teachers’ Bargaining Committee              Government-Trustee Bargaining Committee

Patrick Maze – STF President                  Don Hoium – Ministry of Education

Samantha Becotte – STF Vice-President             Sandra Baragar – Regina

Debbie Ward – STF Executive                  Rick McKillop – Regina

Randy Schmaltz – Executive Director       Dave Spencer – Swift Current

Angela Banda – STF Senior Admin          Darren McKee – SSBA Executive Director

Al Boutin – STF Senior Admin                  Gerry Craswell – Ministry of Education

Dustin McNichol – STF Research            Tim Jelinski – Saskatoon

Kevin Schmidt – STF Senior Admin          Lori Kidney – Tisdale

                                                                  Jaimie Smith-Windsor – Waskesiu

For further biographical information on the Teachers’ Bargaining Committee, please click on the link on this page.

Collective Bargaining Background

Collective bargaining is the process by which teachers and their employers address issues related to salaries, benefits and working conditions to contribute to quality public education in Saskatchewan. The authority, processes and dispute resolution mechanisms that guide provincial collective bargaining in education are set out in Sections 234 to 269 of The Education Act, 1995.


To support understanding and to provide historical context regarding teacher collective bargaining, video and resources are provided below. The information is available to anyone, and individuals are encouraged to review the resources and engage in learning about the importance of collective bargaining. Follow-up questions can be directed to the Federation at .

Video Updates




The Provincial Collective Bargaining Update provides members with the most up-to-date information on the provincial collective bargaining process.