Frequently Asked Questions

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In the event of a vote (sanctions or ratification), STF members will be provided with the opportunity to exercise their democratic right to cast a ballot.

Established voting procedures must be followed in order to demonstrate the vote was fair and met the democratic ideals of fairness, transparency, accountability and integrity.

The ballot requires a “yes” or “no” response. The wording on the sanction ballot reads:

I support the STF Executive and the Teachers’ Bargaining Committee in imposing sanctions which may include a full withdrawal of services in pursuit of a new provincial collective bargaining agreement that affirms the worth of teachers.”

The ballot is worded this way to ensure every member understands the full range of possible sanctions that could be imposed.

All SSLs will receive balloting materials in advance of any vote, which will include:

  • Eligible voter list for your school
  • Ballots
  • Ballot envelopes
  • Eligible Member Solemn Declarations forms
  • Casting Your Vote poster
  • Checklist – Vote Information for School Staff Liaisons
  • Prepaid return mail envelope for completed ballots addressed to the auditor

You will be responsible for informing STF members in your respective school and/or school division office of the voting procedures.

Upon receiving any voting package at your school you will:

  • Ensure you have the correct voter list for your school.
  • Count the ballots and ballot envelopes to ensure there are enough for the number of voters on the voter list.
  • Ensure that you have a number of additional ballots.
  • If you are missing any materials, please contact the STF immediately  (

Prior to voting day you will:

  • Post the voting instructions in a highly visible area for members to see.
  • Clearly indicate on the poster the times and location where voting can occur.
  • Decide if you have the time to offer members an opportunity to vote in advance of the official vote dates. If you offer advance voting, be sure to share with members when and where advance polling will occur.

When a member shows up to vote, you will:

  • Direct the member to sign beside their name on the voter list.
  • Provide the member with a ballot and a ballot envelope.
  • If the member is not on the list, before providing a ballot, direct the individual to complete and sign an Eligible Member Solemn Declaration form.
  • Once the form is completed, provide the member with a ballot and ballot envelope.
  • Collect the sealed ballot envelopes and keep them secure until the end of the vote.

At the end of the last voting day, you are responsible for:

  • Collecting all materials including:
    • The voter list.
    • All sealed ballots.
    • All completed Eligible Member Solemn Declaration forms.
    • All extra ballots, ballot envelopes and Eligible Member Solemn Declaration forms.
  • Place all collected materials in the addressed, postage-paid envelope.
  • Seal the envelope.
  • Immediately drop the envelope in the mail.

STF members who are:

  • Employed under a continuing, temporary or replacement contract. This includes members in associate schools or division offices and local association presidents (on full-time release).
  • On any type of paid or unpaid leave and remain under contract at the time the vote is conducted.
  • Seconded to government, university or other agencies.
  • Substitute teaching on the day(s) the official vote is held.
  • Absent the day of the vote, who were replaced that day by a substitute STF member.
  • Teaching, as a member, outside the province.

Ineligible members include Federation members in historical high schools, other independent schools or regional colleges.* Currently, they are as follows:

  • Athol Murray College of Notre Dame, Wilcox
  • Cornwall Alternative School, Regina
  • Ellen Gunn (Ranch Ehrlo), Martensville
  • Hansen Education Centre (Ranch Ehrlo), Prince Albert
  • Luther College, Regina
  • Lutheran Collegiate Bible Institute, Outlook
  • Rosthern Junior College, Rosthern
  • Schaller School (Ranch Ehrlo), Pilot Butte

*Note: Individuals in historical schools do not work for a board of education in accordance with the The Education Act, 1995.

Members can only vote at one location. If they vote at a location where they are not on the voter list, they will have to complete an Eligible Member Solemn Declaration form.

STF members are able to vote in advance. The school staff liaison determines if and when advance polling will occur. The school staff liaison will inform STF member colleagues when and where they can vote in advance, if advance polling is provided.

  • The official vote occurs on February 10 and 11.
  • If members know they will not be at school on those days, they can seek their school staff liaison and ask to vote in advance.
  • A member cannot vote by proxy so if they cannot be present, they will be unable to vote.

The Federation is responsible for providing members on leave with a ballot, ballot envelope and envelope to mail the ballot to the vote tabulator.

If a member on leave does not receive a ballot at home, they can go to the nearest school, complete the Eligible Member Solemn Declaration form and cast their ballot.

Eligible new members will need to complete an Eligible Member Solemn Declaration form in order to receive a ballot.

Contact the Federation directly at 306-373-1660 (in Saskatoon) or 1-800-667-7762. If you prefer to use email, send a note to