COVID-19 Information & Response

The Government of Saskatchewan is responsible for pandemic response plans. In the education sector, school divisions are responsible for implementing plans consistent with the government’s direction. While the STF, SASBO and the Saskatchewan School Boards Association have provided recommendations and discussed response plans with the government since March 2020, government is the ultimate authority and decision maker on any plans.

As of February 28, the Government of Saskatchewan will remove their remaining public health measures. These changes do not mean that COVID-19 no longer poses a risk; it puts greater onus on individual decisions and personal responsibility. The government continues to encourage personal responsibility and protection. This includes vaccines, rapid testing and use of masks. We encourage members to continue to use these personal protection measures.

More information on the public health measures in place can be found on the Government of Saskatchewan website.

The Federation will continue to work closely with our partners, represent teachers’ interests and provide you with up-to-date guidance and advice as the situation evolves.