School-Based Administrators

Fulfilling a Distinctive and Vital Leadership Role

In Saskatchewan, school-based administrators (i.e., principals, vice-principals and assistant principals) are members of the teaching profession and members of the professional organization representing teachers, the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation.

The role of school-based administrators is specifically outlined in The Education Act, 1995 and includes an all-encompassing responsibility for everything that happens in the school.

Within the teaching profession, school-based administrators provide leadership to teacher colleagues. Within the school, they provide leadership within a community of learners and educational partners including students, parents, teachers, administrators, trustees and community members.

Supporting the Principalship

Instructional Leadership

The Federation, school divisions, professional organizations and teacher education programs offer ongoing opportunities for school-based administrators to network and pursue professional growth. Some specific supports offered by the Federation during the 2018-19 school year are: