Plan Governance and Key Players

To ensure you receive your pension when you retire, a number of activities – overseen by a handful of key players – take place on an ongoing basis:

Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation (STF)

As the trustee and administrator of the Plan, the STF is responsible for overseeing the Plan on a day-to-day basis. The STF ensures the Plan represents the best interests of all members in a fair, equitable and sustainable manner.


Council represents the collective voice of all teachers. It is responsible for approving changes to teachers’ contribution rates and benefit levels.

STF Executive

The STF Executive manages and regulates the pension plan according to:

  • The Teachers’ Federation Act, 2006;

  • STF bylaws and policies; and

  • Other applicable federal and provincial legislation.

STF Executive members are elected by Council.

STF Pension and Benefits Board of Directors (“The Board”)

The Board oversees specific Plan responsibilities and reports to the STF Executive. Board members are appointed by the STF Executive.

Investments Committee

The Investments Committee is a team of independent professionals with specialized investment knowledge that monitors investment performance and provides strategic oversight and advice on the STF’s investment program to the STF Executive.