Government Forces Teachers’ Strike

January 16, 2024
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Even when given five days’ notice, the Government of Saskatchewan failed to return to the table to bargain on critical issues for teachers, parents and students. This has forced teachers to begin job action with a one-day provincewide strike. Today, teachers have gathered at demonstration sites in communities across Saskatchewan, demanding government return to the bargaining table to discuss working and learning conditions in publicly funded schools.  

“It is extremely unfortunate that government has pushed this issue to the point that it is now impacting schools,” says Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation President Samantha Becotte. “This is the very last thing any teacher wants to do. Teachers and supporters throughout the province are braving the cold today to advocate for their students and ensure they get the resources they desperately need. This government simply cannot continue to ignore these growing concerns.” 

Today, STF President Samantha Becotte was joined by Canadian Teachers’ Federation President Heidi Yetman to hand-deliver over 3,300 letters to the legislative offices of Premier Scott Moe and Minister of Education Jeremy Cockrill. The letters were submitted from teachers and parents across the province, describing critical issues such as class size and complexity, and what the government must do to address them. 

“If we improve class composition, we improve learning conditions for students. This is why teachers in Saskatchewan are out on the streets today, to make sure that every student in this province gets the education they deserve. An education that will prepare them for the modern world,” says CTF President  

Heidi Yetman. “It astounds me that the Government of Saskatchewan refuses to negotiate workload and class complexity. Collective agreements across this country include language on workload, class sizes and class composition; and yet, the collective agreement in this province contains no such language. This is unacceptable.” 

Since teachers announced the five-day countdown to job action on January 11, over 9,400 emails have been sent to Education Minister Jeremy Cockrill and Premier Scott Moe through the Tell Them Tuesday campaign. These messages urge the Minister and the Premier to allow government representatives back to the table to engage in meaningful, good faith bargaining. 

“We have not heard from government with any willingness to return to the table, but government has certainly heard from us,” says Becotte. “Thousands of people are demanding better for students and teachers. Public support for teachers and education has been incredible, and deeply appreciated by our members. If we are going to hold government accountable for their responsibility to Saskatchewan’s kids, we need people from all corners of the province to continue sharing their voices. Government will hear us loud and clear: Enough is enough.” 

Supporters are encouraged to sign up at to take part in advocacy actions and help bring government back to the table with a new mandate for bargaining. 


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Lynn Redl-Huntington, BA | Manager, Communications