Awards, Grants & Scholarships

The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation, its affiliates and its educational partners offer a variety of awards, prizes, grants and scholarships for teachers and/or education students. Those receiving financial support from or administered directly by the Federation are included here.

Arbos Awards

The Arbos is the highest honour that the Saskatchewan teaching profession can bestow. Through the Arbos awards, individuals who have distinguished themselves through the scope, impact and significance of their contributions to education and the teaching profession are given the recognition they deserve.

There are three types of Arbos awards:

  • The Arbos for Contributions to Education and the Teaching Profession honours teachers who have made outstanding contributions to education and the teaching profession that are broad and significant in their scope and impact.
  • The Arbos for Contributions to the Professional Organization honours individuals who have made contributions to the professional organization at the provincial, national and/or international levels. This award is given at the discretion of the STF Executive.
  • The Arbos for Distinguished Support of Education and the Teaching Profession honours individuals who are not members of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation and who have made significant contributions to education and to the teaching profession through their advocacy and support for teachers and for public education. This award is given occasionally at the discretion of the STF Executive.

McDowell Foundation Grants

The McDowell Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization devoted to improving teaching and learning in PreK-12 schools. Established by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation in 1991, the Foundation provides grants for educational research completed and used by classroom-based teachers to support students’ success.

For more information visit the McDowell Foundation.

University Prizes and Scholarships

The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation provides funding to the University of Regina and University of Saskatchewan to administer prizes and scholarships on our behalf. Prizes are awarded to the most distinguished graduate in education at fall and spring convocations from the University. Scholarships are awarded to students and teachers based on the selection criteria focused on academic achievement.

For more information please contact the University of Regina or the University of Saskatchewan.