Supporting the Principalship

In schools across the province, the role of the principal, vice-principal and assistant principal (hereafter referred to as “principals”) is becoming more challenging and complex. Principals are tasked with creating an environment conducive to student learning, high-quality teaching and aligning resources with the goals of the school and school division. In addition, principals must balance the responsibilities of being both managers and instructional leaders.

The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation is keenly aware of the importance of the principal’s role in establishing a successful climate for effective teaching and learning. Therefore, the Federation is committed to enhancing the provision of direct supports for principals.

To this end, the Federation has designated a senior administrative staff member to directly support principals. The provision of a dedicated senior administrative staff member intends to support principals in balancing management and instructional leadership. Principals will have the opportunity to discuss issues within their specialized roles with Federation staff who will maintain a focus on the roles of principals.

The Role of the Principal

Principals play a specialized role within their schools. The Provincial Collective Bargaining Agreement (PCB), Article Four outlines the “Allowances for Principals, Vice-Principals and Assistant Principals.” You can also reference Article 16 of the PCB for information on Teacher Time. Section 175 of The Education Act, 1995 outlines the legislated duties of the principal. Policy 2.2, Principalship Success, in the STF Governance Handbook outlines our beliefs on the principalship.

Events for Principals

The Federation works with a number of education sector partners to provide programming and workshops that are specifically designed for principals. Check out the Federation’s Events Calendar to see upcoming events.

Previously, the STF collaborated with Kevin Cameron to create a facilitation guide for principals as they prepared for re-entry following COVID-19.