Diversifying to Meet Member Needs

With four pension and benefit plan funds under its purview, the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation runs a global investment program focused on creating long-term, stable returns for sustainable benefits. To best meet this goal, the Federation employs a professional in-house investment team with enhanced systems and reporting, and an evolving strategy that has grown to include alternative assets including private credit, infrastructure and real estate.

The year ending June 30, 2023, saw bond markets struggle as a number of investment challenges persisted, including heightened inflation, increased interest rates, recession fears and continuing geopolitical discord. Meanwhile, equity market returns increased and helped buoy the STF’s investment returns.

Following the completion of an asset-liability study in 2022, the investment team has been steadily increasing investments in infrastructure and private credit. These assets, along with equity, delivered strong returns, mitigating bond losses. The Federation ended the year ending June 30, 2023, with a one-year 9.3 percent total-fund return.

With $7.6 billion in total assets, the STF continues to manage one of the largest asset bases in Saskatchewan. The Federation’s investment program continues to grow as one of the country’s leading benefits investors.

Note: In addition to the benefit plan funds, the STF also invests other smaller funds that help support the operations of the Federation.