We are committed to a workplace that engages its diverse workforce and maintains a positive work culture. If you enjoy being a part of a passionate group of professionals who work to enhance the well-being and success of teachers, the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation is looking for you.

Contact Information

Human Resources
2317 Arlington Avenue
Saskatoon SK S7J 2H8

The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation employs people across a wide range of professions including those related to:

  • Advocacy and professional development for members
  • Human resources
  • Finance and accounting
  • Office management
  • Administrative support
  • Facilities
  • Communications
  • Design and production
  • Policy and Research
  • Library services
  • Records management
  • Group benefit and pension plans

The Federation offers a stimulating environment where individuals are provided with opportunities to grow personally and professionally and to become involved in a wide range of initiatives that support that growth. In addition, a wide range of health, retirement and other work-related benefits are provided to the needs of employees at different life stages. We believe that by providing benefits we are supporting work-life balance and lifelong learning.

We believe that employees contribute directly to their own success and job satisfaction, and that a collaborative culture is essential to engaging employees and creating and maintaining a safe, healthy and respectful workplace that builds trust and mutual respect.

The Federation values the consultation with employees through various forums and internal committees that confirms our joint commitment to high standards in our human resources policies, and practices and labour relations, and that support personal and professional growth.

In addition to legislation and organizational policies the Federation, as the employer, is guided by a set of beliefs that reflect organizational responsibility to the principles of employment equity. Those beliefs are:

  • Collective responsibility is foundational to ensuring that all employment and economic opportunities are made available and realistically accessible to all people.
  • The skills and knowledge in a representative workforce are valued and responsive to the needs of the organization.
  • The employee is integral in determining success in assignments, training, professional development and internal transitions.
  • That the recognition of all employees is an investment in modeling the goals of publicly funded education.
  • The STF is committed to making change and employing a truly representative workforce.

If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources.