What We Do

Direction 2025

Vision, mission, values, and strategic directions.

The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation has a legislated mandate through The Teachers’ Federation Act, 2006. We carry on activities, in a manner consistent with the public interest, that improve the quality of education and the delivery of educational support for and by teachers.

We fulfil our mandate by:

  • Celebrating the accomplishments and championing the rights, interests and well-being of students, teachers, schools and communities.
  • Fostering and elevating the highest ideals of teachers and the teaching profession.
  • Supporting the lifelong learning of teachers through innovative professional growth.
  • Securing conditions that support teachers in providing the best possible professional service.
  • Administering pension and benefit plans for the wellness of teachers and their families.
  • Governing and administering the affairs of our Federation with integrity.

We embrace and promote a holistic vision of teaching and learning by offering a wide variety of programs, services and resources that support and address teachers’ professional learning, economic and personal well-being, and the diverse issues affecting student and teacher success.