GSC Implementation: Answers to Your Questions

November 30, 2022

We’ve been getting some emails from teachers excited about the change in providers. But some of you have had some questions about what this transition will look like. Let’s dive in:

Are my benefits changing?

The design of both the health and dental plans are not changing because of the move to GSC.

Is the plan administrator for my health and dental plans changing?

No, the Federation will continue to administer the health plan, while the TSC will continue to administer the dental plan. Any questions you have on the details of either plan should be directed to the appropriate plan administrator.

What if I incurred a claim prior to January 1 and didn’t submit it to Canada Life or Sun Life prior to that date?

If the date of your expense is before January 1, you will be able to submit the claim to GSC for a limited time.

Will my prior authorizations that have already been approved by Canada Life and/or Sun Life be accepted by GSC, or will I have to reapply?

Drug and medical prior authorizations approved by your prior carrier will be honoured by GSC. Dental
predeterminations will also be honoured, but you will need to submit a copy of your prior authorization with your claim.

What happens to my claim history and eligibility dates?

Your claim history will be transferred from Canada Life and Sun Life to GSC. GSC will use this information to determine your eligibility regarding benefit maximums and frequency limitations.


Visit the GSC transition web page to learn more about how this change will improve your benefits experience.