STF Declines Invitation From Government-Trustee Bargaining Committee

February 16, 2024
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The absence of a new bargaining mandate for the Government-Trustee Bargaining Committee has resulted in the Teachers’ Bargaining Committee declining an invitation to resume negotiations.

The GTBC asked the TBC back to the bargaining table either today or next week. The TBC indicated it is always ready to negotiate and meet at any time and asked if the GTBC had a renewed mandate. The GTBC stated it did not have a renewed mandate; therefore, the TBC has declined this invitation. The TBC reiterated that it is prepared to return to the table at any time but expect the GTBC to have authority to negotiate on all issues of importance to teachers and Saskatchewan families,” says STF President Samantha Becotte.

The STF remains disappointed in the government’s bargaining tactics. At the same time as government is limiting the authority of its negotiators, Education Minister Jeremy Cockrill is stating in an interview that if the STF “isn’t ready to talk about the issues on the table, then what’s the point of meeting?”

“Teachers want to be at the bargaining table and making progress toward an agreement. However, the Minister’s statement leads us to believe there’s no value in meeting if the GTBC isn’t ready to discuss issues that are important to teachers. When the GTBC has a new mandate and is prepared to discuss all of the issues, including class size and complexity, we are ready to return day or night,” Becotte says.

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Lynn Redl-Huntington, BA | Manager, Communications