Teachers Implement Rotating Strikes

January 29, 2024
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan teachers are set to engage in further job action to bring the Government of Saskatchewan back to the bargaining table with a mandate to discuss learning and working conditions. Rotating full-day strikes by the following local teachers’ associations will be taking place on Thursday, February 1:

Holy Trinity Teachers’ Association

  • Holy Trinity Catholic School Division schools

Horizon Teachers’ Association

  • All Horizon School Division schools

Prairie South Teachers’ Association

  • All Prairie South School Division schools

Prince Albert and Area Teachers’ Association

  • All Prince Albert Catholic School Division schools
  • All Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division schools

Tri-West Teachers’ Association

  • All Light of Christ Catholic School Division schools
  • All Living Sky School Division schools
  • Sakewew High School (North Battleford)

Strike action includes Conseil des écoles fransaskoises schools that fall within the above geographic boundaries, and Saskatchewan Distance Learning Centre teachers who work at a school or regional campus within the above geographic boundaries.

“Where is the Minister of Education? People are doing everything they can to bring their concerns to his attention, but he still refuses to listen,” says Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation President Samantha Becotte. “Saskatchewan people have sent over 30,000 emails to government in less than three weeks – and these are just the emails we know of. When this government received 18 letters from parents this fall, they called an emergency session of the legislature to invoke the notwithstanding clause and circumvent the constitution. They only seem concerned about the issues that fit within their political agenda. It is mystifying that they believe this can continue.”

Saskatchewan’s 13,500 teachers are eager to return to bargaining and get back to a regular school year. Government has not moved from its opening proposals and still refuses to negotiate on classroom size and complexity, the most pressing issues facing Saskatchewan students and teachers. Government’s claim that teachers’ working conditions, which are students’ learning conditions, do not belong in collective bargaining is simply untrue, as these matters are included in agreements in other provinces. Government’s claim is also counter to the Conciliation Board’s report, which delivered its recommendations earlier this month.

“Teachers want to be in their classrooms supporting students, but government is making that untenable,” says Becotte. “There are many factors at play when we are selecting our next course of action, and we appreciate how this situation impacts people. Teachers are strong in our resolve, and support throughout our communities and across Canada has been so important. I thank everyone who has joined the cause for publicly funded schools. Our voices are strongest together.”

To coincide with Thursday’s job action, an Advocacy Day will also take place to help put pressure on government to return to the table, ready to negotiate on class size and complexity. All parents, students, businesses and community members are urged to register to take part in Thursday’s Day of Advocacy. All you need to participate is a smart phone or computer with internet access.



Conseil des écoles fransaskoises schools and Sask DLC schools and regional campuses that will be impacted by Thursday’s strike include:

School Name Location Local Association Boundary
École Ducharme Moose Jaw Prairie South Teachers’ Association
École Mathieu de Gravelbourg Gravelbourg Prairie South Teachers’ Association
École Beau Soleil Gravelbourg Prairie South Teachers’ Association
École Père Mercure North Battleford Tri West Teachers’ Association
École St-Isidore St. Isidore-de-Bellevue Prince Albert and Area Teachers’ Association
École Valois Prince Albert Prince Albert and Area Teachers’ Association


Sask DLC Regional Campus Location Local Association Boundary
North Central Campus Prince Albert Prince Albert and Area Teachers’ Association
South Central Campus Moose Jaw Prairie South Teachers’ Association


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