Year End: Here’s What You Need to Know

April 21, 2023

Temporary Contract Ending June 30?

If your temporary contract is ending on June 30, your health plan benefits will end at midnight on that date, so you won’t have coverage over the summer months. You may sign a new contract with your employer effective July 1; however, your health plan coverage will end on June 30 and won’t be reinstated until the first school day of the new contract.

Make sure to complete an STF Enrolment form with your employer for each new contract to ensure your benefits are reinstated as soon as possible.

If you incur any expenses and they are fully paid for before the end date of your contract, you have up to 15 months from the date of the expense to submit your claim to Green Shield Canada.

Important Information if You’re Resigning

If you’re resigning from a teaching contract due to retirement, changing school divisions, leaving the province, or just taking a break, you must notify the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation immediately. All you need to do is complete a Change of Information form and email, mail or fax it to the Federation prior to your contract end date.

If you receive payment for any expenses incurred after your contract termination date, you will need to pay them back to the insurance company. So, it’s important to complete and submit the form as soon as you know your contract will be ending.

If you have any questions regarding this information, be sure to contact the STF and speak with a Member Services representative.

Has Your Dependent Child Completed Their Education Program?

Once your child completes a post-secondary education program, they are no longer eligible for benefits effective the last day of the month in which the program is completed (e.g., if a 2- or 4-year program ends in April, coverage will be terminated on April 30). You’re responsible for updating this information either online through MySTF or by submitting a Change of Information form to the Federation by email, mail or fax.

If your child enrolls in a new education program, you will need to submit a new confirmation of enrolment to the STF, and coverage would begin on the first school day.