Health Plan

For information on the new Member & Family Assistance Program, please visit the MFAP & Teacher Well-Being page.

The Members’ Health Plan provides Saskatchewan teachers and their families with comprehensive coverage for prescription drugs, vision and other health-care expenses, as well as out-of-country emergency medical expenses. 

This benefit is fully funded by the provincial government, based on a fixed percentage of teachers’ salaries. Teachers do not pay any premiums to this Plan.

The Members’ Health Plan is administered by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation and Canada Life (formerly Great-West Life) is the insurance carrier. All claims are processed and paid by Canada Life.

To enrol in the health plan, eligible teachers must submit an Enrolment form to the Federation, signed by both the teacher and their employing school board. For more information, visit Eligibility.

Once enrolled, members can sign in or register for Canada Life GroupNet to submit and track most health claims online, as well as register for direct deposit.

Application to the Saskatchewan Special Support Program is Required for Drug Coverage

The SSP is a program available through the Provincial Government that helps cover the cost of medication for families that have high drug costs in relation to their income. The STF Members’ Health Plan is designed to pay for eligible expenses after coverage has been provided to you by government programs like the SSP. Integration with government programs is common practice in the health insurance industry and helps to reduce the cost of benefits.

Canada Life requires confirmation that you have applied for the SSP or your drug claims may be suspended until you do.

If you have received a letter from your pharmacist asking you to apply to the program, please visit the Government of Saskatchewan website to obtain an application form. Once you have completed the application, send it to the SSP as per the instructions on the form. You will receive a notification letter from the Ministry of Health on whether you have been approved or not. Please forward a copy of that letter to Canada Life, making sure to include your Plan and Member ID, which is found on the back of your health benefits card.


For general questions about eligibility, benefit limitations, or the effective date or termination of coverage, please contact the Members’ Health Plan.

For information about a claim you have already submitted, contact Canada Life at 1-800-957-9777.

When making an inquiry or submitting a claim, you will need to provide the Plan document number (51585) and your personal member ID number (01_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _) . This number can be accessed by logging in to MySTF.  It is also on your prescription drug card.

This summary contains general information only. In the event any discrepancy or misunderstanding in interpretation should arise, all benefits will be adjudicated and paid in accordance with the terms of the official Plan documents.