Creating Invitations or Provocations for Play

Creating Invitations


Early Learning


To invite active exploration and wonder around curricular areas.


  • A child can be invited into a particular unit of study without us telling them what to do, by simply allowing them to explore their surroundings.
  • The invitation or provocation could take many forms such as; a story, tables set up to display artifacts or elements of nature with the use of mirrors, pictures or even a built block structure – The opportunities are limitless.
  • Talk with children to examine their thoughts, opinions and feelings towards the “invitation”.
  • Your provocations will depend on what unit or aspect of curriculum you are trying to examine.
  • Provocations will be noticed in a classroom that is well thought out and has a minimal amount of clutter.
  • Use a solid piece of paper, fabric, etc. to frame the materials that you have set out in a pleasing/interesting way.
  • Use place mats made from natural materials can be used for children to build or represent their thoughts and ideas on.
  • Small mirrors can be used to give a different perspective and create an area for children to build and extend their ideas on.


Classroom books, writing/drawing materials, loose parts, etc. related to the curricular topic you wish to have children explore.


Invitations can begin with just a few simple materials and as the teacher observes the children’s interests, interactions and questions about the materials, more items can be added on over time.


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