Photo Mark-up


Early Learning

Additional Purpose(s):

Making Connections, Interacting with Text


Marking images (and/or text) can help learners become active viewers (readers) and communicators of meaning.


  • Educators can introduce standard text marking symbols such as:

    P     Knew this before

    ¶     Important idea

    !      Surprising

    L     New learning

    ?      Question about this

    C     Connecting to something (text, self, world)

  • Educators might also encourage learners to develop their own “mark legend” and to use it while viewing. If learners are not able to write directly on their images, sticky notes can accomplish a similar awareness while viewing or reading.
  • Marking up photos (and/or text) is also another way for students to add meaning and share their learning or understandings with others, It offers an alternate mode of representation, as seen in the photo where a child shares their understanding of grouping by fives in math.


Images in plastic sleeves and dry erase markers or on a mobile app such as Seesaw or Skitch


Images could be marked up inside of a mobile app such as SeeSaw or Skitch to indicate the thinking of the viewer, or to show work.


Returning to images over time to add labels, names or new learning offers an authentic writing activity to young learners.


Adaptation of Text Mark Ups – refer to other process card.