Carousel Brainstorm

Carousel Brainstorm


Generating and Sharing Ideas


Learners work in groups to generate ideas in response to prompts and then build on the ideas of other groups.


  • Form groups of four to five. Each group chooses a recorder. 
  • Start each group at a different chart paper labelled with the categories/topics/questions. 
  • Round 1: Read the prompt. Brainstorm and record ideas for the category/topic/question at your home chart. 
  • Round 2: Rotate to a new chart station. Review ideas listed on chart; brainstorm and add additional new ideas. 
  • Repeat process until you return to your home chart. 
  • Final Round – Review information added to your home chart, identify key information, and prepare any questions as appropriate. 
  • Large group sharing: 
  • Share key ideas recorded by all groups on their charts.
  • Ask questions about information that was added by other groups. 
  • Share what they noticed as they rotated through the stations. 


Prepare chart papers labelled with the categories/topics/questions.


You can use sticky notes instead of writing directly onto the chart paper with one recorder, allowing everyone to contribute equally. 


Use one colour of marker for each group – the marker travels with the group to each chart station to identify the ideas shared by each group.


Adapted from: Lipton, L., & Wellman, B. (2011). Groups at work: Strategies and structures for professional learning (p. 57). MiraVia.