Five-Day Countdown to Withdrawal of Extracurricular

February 29, 2024
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Today, the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation is giving notice of a five-day countdown before teachers across the province withdraw all extracurricular support. While only 48 hours’ notice is required for job action, the Federation is providing this additional notice to ensure that the Minister of Education has the opportunity to consider the implications of escalated job action due to withholding a renewed mandate to bargain.

“This job action can be stopped immediately when government is ready to negotiate on all issues of importance to teachers, including class size and complexity,” says STF President Samantha Becotte. “We are asking government to include the offer they made outside of bargaining as part of the Government-Trustee Bargaining Committee’s renewed mandate. If Minister of Education Jeremey Cockrill, Premier Scott Moe, and Saskatchewan School Boards Association President Jaimie Smith-Windsor are truly committed to improving the experience of students in schools, they should have no problem allowing the discussion of these items at the bargaining table. With these items on the table, negotiations can come to a quick conclusion, resolving the longest teachers’ strike in the history of Saskatchewan. This would ensure that schools and teachers can move on in planning an excellent ending to the school year, including all the voluntary services from which students and families benefit.”

The provincewide withdrawal of extracurricular activities will begin with two full days on Tuesday, March 5 and Wednesday, March 6. This action will mean the withdrawal of all voluntary services involved in the organization, supervision and facilitation of activities, including athletics, non-curricular arts, field trips, student travel and graduation preparations.

“Government isn’t just ignoring teachers. They are ignoring the needs of students, parents and the people they are elected to serve. More than 100,000 emails have been sent to government through Tell Them Tuesday,” says Becotte. “If government continues to ignore this, we will have no choice but to further escalate job action.”

Teachers know that withdrawing extracurricular activities has a significant impact on students and share in parents’ frustration that government’s intransigence has pushed job action this far. The objective of the five-day countdown is for government and SSBA to provide their bargaining team with a new mandate and stop the clock on this and further job action.

“Teachers are taking action for one reason: students,” says Becotte. “We’re trying to secure more funding for school divisions. Yet, local school trustees are largely silent. Why aren’t locally elected trustees speaking out about how a lack of funding means they can’t meet the needs of their communities?”

Teachers are asking parents, students, business owners and other community members to continue their support of public education in order to compel government and trustees to return to the table ready to address all issues. In addition to contacting MLAs, Minister Cockrill and Premier Moe, we’re asking the public to email their locally elected school board trustees through a new campaign through

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Lynn Redl-Huntington, BA | Manager, Communications