STF Optional Life Insurance (Portaplan) Term Life Insurance – An Affordable, Flexible Alternative to Mortgage Insurance

April 24, 2024

Are you buying a new home or renewing your mortgage? If so, Portaplan may be an affordable alternative to purchasing mortgage insurance from your financial institution. Coverage is available in units of $20,000 up to a maximum of $400,000 (20 units). As well as possibly saving you money, Portaplan offers the flexibility of reducing your coverage as you pay down your mortgage, or you can maintain your insurance after your mortgage is paid off so that your family has financial protection in the years that follow.

Also, did you know that your spouse and dependent children between the ages of 16 and 25 can apply for a Portaplan policy of their own, even if you’re not a Portaplan policyholder?

To find out more about Portaplan, visit the Federation website or contact our office to speak with a Portaplan representative.