Teachers to Premier Moe: Take Down That Sign

July 27, 2023
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Instead of bargaining freely and fairly on the important issues teachers have brought to the table, the Government of Saskatchewan has decided to use taxpayers’ dollars for a misleading and ridiculous billboard campaign featured in locations across the province.
“What a waste of time and money,” Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation President Samantha Becotte said. “They’ve proven once again they don’t really care about students and their learning environment and instead want to create division by suggesting teachers are the villains.”

The STF began negotiations on a provincewide agreement for Saskatchewan’s 13,000 K-12 teachers in June. The Federation brought forward a detailed salary package and a series of proposals aimed at reducing over-crowded classrooms, providing added supports for children who require special services, while also addressing serious concerns over the growing problem of classroom violence.

“The government is refusing to even bargain on these issues, and I think that’s unconscionable,” Becotte said. “Years of cuts and funding below the rate of inflation has created a host of problems that require urgent attention.

“The government just wants to sweep this under the rug, and I don’t think we should let that happen,” Becotte said. “Students, their families and the people of Saskatchewan frankly deserve better.”

Becotte said teachers are committed to good faith bargaining and want to see solutions to the difficulties now experienced in the education sector. However, these billboards and other actions by government suggest there has been an unpleasant shift in tone at the bargaining table.

“I hope everyone – parents, students, teachers and ordinary citizens write to their MLA saying the government’s behavior at the bargaining table is unacceptable and will hurt students in the classroom.”

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Lance Hiltz | Senior Communications Officer