Advocacy Resources

Whether you’re an STF member, parent or concerned citizen, you play an important role in talking about the realities of publicly funded education in Saskatchewan. Teachers and parents hold a unique position when it comes to discussing education and advocacy can be as simple sharing your personal experiences with friends, family and neighbours.

We’ve launched a self-serve Advocacy Toolkit with videos, social shareables, downloadable posters and a meeting request tool to support the efforts of STF members and the public.

Teacher Advocacy

The STF Executive recently passed a motion that provides members with executive approval to meet with elected officials, superseding STF Bylaw 4.5.1. If you are an STF member, you are encouraged to request a meeting with your MLA to share your individual classroom experiences.

Speak as an individual with important and relevant professional experience.

  • Use examples to demonstrate the problems you see and what government can do to help.
  • Tell us what you’re doing so we can support you with information, facts and figures and other resources.
  • Share your education experience

Tell Them Tuesday invites teachers, students, parents, grandparents and other community members to take action and share their experiences about the realities of today’s classrooms in Saskatchewan by contacting their MLA, the Minister of Education and the Premier.

Parents and caregivers are important voices when it comes to furthering the conversation around publicly funded education. You can do your part by:

  • Inviting other parents to consider how their child’s school experience compares with their own. For example, ask how many students are in their child’s class, how long are waitlists for assessments or specialized, professional supports; or how many grades are in multi-graded classrooms.
  • Sharing that per-student spending has actually decreased during the last decade. Saskatchewan has gone from first in per-student funding to eighth among the provinces despite having the second-fastest growing enrollment.
  • Pointing out that 2022-23 saw the largest student enrolment growth in 20 years with nearly 4,000 more students while the number of full-time equivalent teachers decreased by 145. During the last decade, enrolment has increased 11.3 percent while teacher FTE numbers are flat.
  • Referring to the Conversation Starters postcard and the Education in Saskatchewan — Facts and Statistics sheet for accurate, updated information.
  • Telling your education experience on social media and liking, sharing and commenting on posts from the STF’s social media accounts.