Different but the Same

Schools have changed a lot since many of us were students. But what hasn’t changed is that every parent wants the best for their children. As teachers, we share those same aspirations and believe that all students deserve to thrive – no matter where they live or what unique needs they have.

Saskatchewan public schools are a great place to learn and grow; our schools are made great by dedicated and caring professional school staff who strive to ensure every student’s needs are met. But, today’s class sizes are larger and students’ needs are more diverse. This means there aren’t always enough of the right kinds of supports when students need them most.

We all want the same things: a bright future for our children and a strong future for our province. By working together to find new solutions and investing in public education, we can help all students succeed in school and beyond.

Meeting kids’ needs is more complicated than ever. We need the government to work with parents and teachers by funding solutions to meet the needs of every student. Add your name to support teachers and students, and stay up to date with our latest news.