Source Episode 7: A Conversation on the Calm During Crisis Research Report

Calm During Crisis: Leading Saskatchewan Schools Through COVID-19 was developed in partnership with the University of Regina Faculty of Education and the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation. It examines the experiences of Saskatchewan principals and vice-principals addressing shifting new demands and challenges in keeping schools open and safe during the pandemic in 2020-21 and on.

Tune in to Episode 7 of Source – the new Canadian Teachers’ Federation podcast – for a discussion on the research and findings of the Calm During Crisis report.

Here, Dr. Pamela Osmond-Johnson from the University of Regina, Jane Macleod, Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation senior manager of research and records, and Carol Sarich, Saskatchewan principal and president-elect of the Canadian Association of Principals speak about how the report came together and what these experiences mean for Saskatchewan principals navigating COVID-19.

A special thanks to the Canadian Teachers’ Federation for highlighting this important research project and bringing attention to the challenges that schools have faced throughout the pandemic.