Season 2 (2017-18)

Welcome to Season 2 (2017-18) of the #theteacherproject, a video series celebrating Saskatchewan teachers.

These stories from across the province illustrate the commitment and ingenuity of Saskatchewan teachers who continue to do more with less. These are stories of lives changed and communities strengthened.

The subject areas are diverse; from preserving traditional languages to building financial literacy, from inclusion programs to music education. At the heart of each story is a dedicated and selfless professional who believes the work they are doing today is building a better tomorrow.

This year, each video also has a companion guide with ideas on how to start similar classes, programs or activities, as well as tips and strategies for overcoming common barriers.

This is #theteacherproject, and these are your stories. Please share them widely with your family, friends and colleagues.


Season 1 (2016-17)