Disability Plan

Income Continuance Plan

(Mandatory Disability Insurance)

The Income Continuance Plan provides disability income for Saskatchewan teachers who are unable to work due to sickness or injury. Rehabilitative services are also available to support teachers with the recovery process and return to active employment. The Income Continuance Plan is funded by member premiums and is administered by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation.

If you expect to be unable to work after your accumulated sick leave runs out, you're encouraged to apply for disability benefits as soon as possible. To start the application process, phone an Income Continuance Plan disability case consultant and request an application package. The forms in the application package must be completed and your claim approved before disability payments will begin. To ensure proper support and guidance is provided during this process, application forms are not available online.

Under most circumstances, coverage under other teacher group benefit plans will continue while you're receiving disability benefits. For more information, view Sick Leave and Disability.

Saskatchewan Teachers’ Disability Benefits Plan

If you're a member of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Superannuation Plan (STSP), you may also be eligible for disability benefits from the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Disability Benefits Plan.

For more information about the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Disability Benefits Plan, contact the Plan administrator, the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Superannuation Commission.

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