Dot Poll

Assessing and Reflecting

Additional Purpose(s):
Making Connections, Solution Finding

This process supports learners in reflecting on their strengths and needs for learning and communicating those in a safe way.


  1. Display key skills and understandings from a unit of study.
  2. Provide learners with sticky dots, which act like an anonymous vote.
  3. Ask learners to put a dot beside each of the skills and understandings they feel confident about.
  4. By looking at the patterns that emerge, responsive instruction can be planned for those areas that have fewer dots.


  • Provide learners with two colours of sticky dots – one colour for areas of strength and the second colour for those key concepts/skills for which students feel they need more time and support.  
  • Use coloured bingo dabbers or markers instead of coloured sticky dots. 
  • Learners can use colour-coded sticky dots to make connections between strategies and purposes or skills and applications or…