Here’s What! So What? Now What?


Assessing and Reflecting

Additional Purpose(s):

Making Connections


Learners are supported in identifying what is known, interpreting what is known and considering next steps.


Have learners work in pairs or small groups to record the following: 

  • Here’s What! column: specific facts or information (what is known). 
  • So What? column: interpretations of the facts in the first column (what this means) 
  • Now What? column: predictions, implications or questions for further investigation (what next or what needs to be done) 



Can be used as a supporting framework for engaging with text. Learners can work with a partner or in small groups to engage with a written, auditory or visual text and then use the prompts to identify what is known (Here’s What!), their interpretations of what is known (So What?), and predictions, implications or questions for further investigation (Now What?) 


Adapted from: Lipton, L., & Wellman, B. (1998). Pathways to Understanding (p. 40). MiraVia.