Human Treasure Hunt

human treasure hunt


Building Relationships

Additional Purpose(s):

Making Connections


This process helps build a sense of community among learners.


  1. Decide on a purpose for the treasure hunt. 
  2. Devise a list of questions about a topic/concept/focus area or a list of prompts related to traits/experiences/interests that might be shared by some but not all learners (10-20). 
  3. Distribute a copy of the questions/prompts to each learner and explain the rules: 
    • Within the time given (e.g., 10 min.), your challenge is to find different people in the room who can answer each question or who match each prompt.  
    • Each person can only sign your paper once.  
    • Each person must not sign without stating his/her answer. 
    • When all of your questions/prompts are signed, help someone else to find people to answer theirs.  


The questions or prompts you are using for the treasure hunt.


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