Just Like Me!


Building Relationships


This process helps build connections between learners to create a sense of community.


  1. Explain that you will share a series of statements that express an experience, an interest or a characteristic that might be shared by members of the group (e.g., I like to sleep in on the weekends; I like to play team sports; I like to spend time on my own). Construct these statements based on what you know about your learners and their contexts. 
  2. If a statement is true, invite learners to stand and note who in the group shares the same experience, interest or characteristic.  
  3. Ask those who are standing to be seated again in preparation for the next statement. 
  4. When done reading the statements, invite learners to find someone who shared an experience, interest or characteristic and share their experiences.  


Adapted from: https://www.thinkingcollaborative.com/as-resources/