Walk About Survey


Building Relationships

Additional Purpose(s):

Generating and Sharing Ideas


During this process, learners build connections as they share and gather information from one another.


  1. Provide learners with a survey grid that has pre-identified or co-constructed categories/prompts along the side. For example: 
Strategies for finding answers to questions       
Strategies for when a plan of action doesn’t work       
Strategies for working successfully in groups       
  1. Ask learners to record what they know for each of the categories in the first empty column of the grid. This is the information they will trade during the next step.  
  2. Then ask learners to circulate and gather responses from other learners in the room within a given time period (e.g., 5-10 minutes).  
  3. During each exchange, learners are to record the idea shared in response to one of the categories as well as the person’s name. The goal is to trade information with different people for each empty cell on the survey grid.  
  4. When the time is up, invite learners to form groups and look for themes or patterns as they share the information they gathered. 
  5. Invite each group to share the themes or patterns they identified for each category/prompt.  


Vary the number of prompts or cells.

Choose a topic and use Know, Think You Know, and Want to Know as the prompts for the grid.

Have learners write what they know outside the grid and gather ideas from peers in the cells of the grid.


Adapted from: https://www.thinkingcollaborative.com/as-resources