Today’s Number

today's number


Early Learning

Additional Purpose(s):

Supporting Thinking


Today’s Number fosters math talk and open thinking as students share and expand their understanding of numbers.


  1. Select a number that is relevant to the unit of study.
  2. Pose the question, “What is something you know about this number?”
  3. Students write down/draw/tell their ideas, observe their answers and categorize them as less to more complex.
  4. Select a handful of students to share their thinking from least to more complex. Write these so the list is visible to all students.
  5. With the more complex thinking introduced, invite students to brainstorm and record something else that they know about the number.
  6. Repeat the cycle through three brainstorm and sharing sessions, each time inviting students to go back and think about what they know about the number after the more complex thinking has been introduced.


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