Interview and Share


Facilitating Dialogue


This two-stage process engages learners in a structure that supports sharing and active listening.


  1. Provide key questions or prompts as a guiding framework for the interview and ask learners to use these questions/prompts to interview a partner. 
  2. Partner A will interview partner B about the questions/prompts and then partner B will interview partner A using the same questions/prompts. 
  3. After a given time (e.g., 2 minutes per interview), have each pair join another pair to form a group of four.  
  4. During the sharing portion of Interview and Share, each person shares the key points made by their partner during the interview portion. The sharing continues in round-robin fashion until everyone has shared. A time frame of approximately one per minute per share will help keep sharing to key ideas.  


After the interview portion of the process, invite all partners to stand in a circle and then, one by one, share their partner’s key ideas with everyone.  


Provide the key questions/prompts on a handout for learners so they can record key ideas shared by their partner. These ideas will support their sharing in the second part of the process.


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