Give One to Get One

Give one get one


Generating and Sharing Ideas


This process supports sharing of ideas among learners.


  1. Participants record their responses to a given prompt on sticky notes (or index cards).  
  2. Then they find another participant in the room, share the information on one of their sticky notes, and exchange sticky notes. Each participant leaves with the other’s sticky note. 
  3. After two to three exchanges, invite participants to share with the large group: 
    • what they learned from their peers, or 
    • noticed during the exchanges. 


  • Sticky notes or index cards
  • Give One to Get One Template grid (variation)

Participants record the same response 6 (or 9) times on small sticky notes to fill in a 2 x 3 (or a 3 x 3) grid. Then they are invited to move around the room, exchanging information and sticky notes with other participants until they have 6 (or 9) different responses on their grids. 


Ensure that learners understand the importance of the dialogue that happens during the sharing and that it is not just a sticky note swap.


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