Two Stay, Rest Stray


Generating and Sharing Ideas


This process involves group collaboration for generating ideas followed by an opportunity to share and integrate learning from other groups.


Give all groups the same assignment: a task, a problem to solve, or a question to discuss. Tell the learners that after a certain amount of time, they will be sharing their response to the assignment. It will be important that every group member is able to talk about their response.

After groups have had time to formulate their response, ask each group to select the two that will remain with their work to share their thinking with peers from other groups. These are the learners who stay.

The other learners in the group will be those who stray. They will rotate to the other groups to interview those who stayed to collect ideas to take back to their original group.

Provide time for groups to consider the ideas brought back from other groups.


Rotations to other groups can be structured and timed, or learners can be provided with a time period to move freely to other groups and engage in dialogue with their peers.