Interacting with Text

Additional Purpose(s):

Synthesizing Learning


A jigsaw allows learners to come to a deep understanding of one aspect of a larger idea and then to share and learn from their peers.


  1. Cluster learners into groups of 4 (dependent on number of texts). Count off 1 to 4 and assign each number a different text related to a focus area (can be written, visual, and auditory texts).  
  2. Have all the number 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s move into their “expert” groups.  
  3. In the expert groups, learners read/view/listen to the material and then: 
    • discuss the key ideas to ensure shared understanding among group members 
    • determine what ideas they will share and how they will share the ideas in their home groups.  
  4. Ask “experts” to return to their home groups where there is at least one representative from each expert group. 
  5. Within each home group, have the experts take turns to share the key ideas identified by their groups. 


Have expert groups develop a visual representation to convey information and then teach the room. 


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