Marking Text


Interacting with Text

Additional Purpose(s):

Making Connections


Marking text invites learners to engage more deeply with text.


  1. Introduce or co-construct text marking symbols such as:
  2. Model with learners how to mark up their text using these symbols before expecting them to use them independently. 
  3. After using them, invite reflections from learners about how marking text supported thinking about their reading. 


  • Encourage learners to develop their own “mark legend” for use while reading.  
  • If learners are not able to write in their texts, sticky notes can accomplish a similar awareness while reading. 
  • A study skill to develop is to have learners read back through their own notes in a subject area and mark it up to indicate whether they understand a concept (P) or have questions about a concept (?). This can help to narrow their focus during review and to signal that they need help from peers or a teacher.