Say Something

Say Something


Interacting with Text

Additional Purpose(s):

Making Connections, Synthesizing Learning, Facilitating Dialogue


This process engaged readers in thinking and talking about what they are reading, which supports deeper understanding.


  1. Working in pairs (partners A and B), learners chunk text into short sections.  
  2. Both learners read the first section silently (or aloud) and then A says something (makes a connection to a key idea or wonders about something related to the text). B does not respond.  
  3. Both learners then read the second section silently (or aloud) and then B says something. A does not respond.  
  4. This pattern continues until the text is finished. Partners then dialogue about the content of the entire article.  


After each section, partners engage in dialogue about the ideas in the text, making connections to prior knowledge and experiences as well as other texts. 


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