Text Mapping Scrolls


Interacting with Text

Additional Purpose(s):

Making Connections

Scrolls of non-fiction text are used to support learners in gaining understanding of text structure and features that support their understanding. Unlike books, scrolls allow learners to visually comprehend the text as a whole. With this process learners


  1. Text mapping starts with scrolls of text (see Materials below). 
    • To focus on text features, learners can highlight: 
    • Those things that they know are important in red. 
    • Those things that help them understand in blue. 
    • Those things that help them know if they understand in green. 
    • Those things that help them practice in black. 
  2. Have learners share back what types of features they coded in each colour to gain an understanding of text structure and features. 


Photocopy or print each set of facing pages within a chapter or book and connect them from beginning to end with tape to form a long scroll.


Derived from the original works of R. David Middlebrook. For more information, visit http://www.textmapping.org