Spend a Buck


Solution Finding


This process supports individuals and groups in determining relative priorities within a list of options, interests, or actions.


  1. Present or co-construct the options to be considered.  
  2. Each group member has 100 imaginary pennies to distribute across the options available. Group members can decide how they want to distribute their 100 pennies on a recording sheet that lists the options or with 100 sticky dots on chart papers labelled with each option. 
  3. Gather and present the resulting data to the group. If using individual recording sheets, call out the options one by one and ask group members to report the number of pennies they placed next to each option. Add these together and record the group’s total for each option on chart paper.   
  4. Spend-a-Buck works best when the number of options is limited (i.e., 3-5 choices). 


A recording sheet that lists the options either presented to the group or co-constructed by the group.


Chart papers labelled with each option and 100 sticky dots per group member.


  • Adapted from: Lipton, L. & Wellman, B. (2011). Groups at work: Strategies and structures for professional learning. Charlotte, VT: MiraVia, LLC.