Solution Finding

Additional Purpose(s):

Facilitating Dialogue, Supporting Thinking, Generating and Sharing Ideas


This process supports collaborative solution finding within a small group structure.


In this process, there are three rounds – one round that centres on the issue, barrier, or problem that each learner brings to the discussion.  

Round 1:

  • In groups of three, learners place their chairs facing inward toward one another. One person takes the role of the client; the other two are the consultants.  
  • Step 1: (approx. 2 minutes) 
    • The client begins by outlining an issue, barrier or problem.  
    • The consultants may ask clarifying questions to ensure that they have an understanding of the problem. 
  • Step 2: (4-5 minutes) 
    • The client turns around so that their back is to the consultants, but close enough to be able to hear their conversation.  
    • The consultants then discuss possible solutions, resources and actions for the client to pursue.  
    • The client listens and jots down ideas that resonate.  
  • Step 3: (1-2 minutes) 
    • The client turns chair to face the consultants and comments on the suggested solutions that have potential for the context of the client. 

Rounds 2 and 3: A different person within the trio takes the role of the client and the other two assume the role of consultants. Follow Steps 1-3. 


  • Chairs
  • Troika Recording Sheet


Model the process with volunteers so that learners understand what the entire process looks like.

Although it may feel uncomfortable or “not right” for learners to turn their backs on the consultants during Step 2, invite them to experience the process and then reflect on how it supported them.


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