Gallery Walk


Supporting Thinking

Additional Purpose(s):

Generating and Sharing Ideas


This process supports learners in coming to a shared understanding of a big idea as they move and engage in different aspects of the learning.


A gallery walk can take many forms, such as: 

  • In partners, have learners rotate through a series of stations where they observe and discuss specific content that has been created by others. 
  • In small groups, learners generate an artifact together that represents their thinking, questions, or knowledge about a specific area. Learners then remix into new groups and share their understanding with their new group members as they rotate to each artifact that has been created. 
  • In small groups, learners rotate through a series of questions or prompts and add to each list or chart until they get back to their original artifact. 
  • In small groups, learners brainstorm their questions or issues. Groups remix and rotate through questions and attempt to problem solve as many as they can. Original groups are then reformed and possible solutions to their questions are shared.