Plan Funding Remains Strong Despite Volatile Markets

Pension & Benefits

The STRP’s investment portfolio was negatively impacted as a result of tighter bond and equity markets in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2022. However, given the design of the STRP, these investment swings do not have a direct impact on the value of your STF pension, and the Plan's funding remains stable.

Working During Retirement: Upcoming Changes Effective July 1, 2023

Pension & Benefits

At a Special Meeting of Council held in October 2022, a resolution was passed to change the Plan’s re-employment rules.

Pension Increases Approved For Post-2015 Service

Pension & Benefits

Your pension will be growing again in 2023! The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation Executive recently approved two enhancements to Saskatchewan Teachers’ Retirement Plan pensions that will give you more money in your pocket during retirement.

Government Blindly Pushing Ahead with Distance Learning Crown Corporation

News Release

The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation is expressing frustration and growing concern as the Government of Saskatchewan pushes ahead with plans to develop a new Distance Learning Crown Corporation without meaningful consultation.