STRP Focus on Equity: Substitute Teachers Will Be Eligible for Pre-Retirement Upgrades

Pension & Benefits
Pre-retirement upgrades are an important part of your STRP benefits. They help to increase your career-average pension with inflation so that your pension provides a more meaningful benefit when you retire. Currently, substitute teachers are not eligible for these upgrades even though they pay the same contribution rate as contract teachers.
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STRP Focus on Equity: More Equitable Death Benefits

Pension & Benefits
The STRP currently offers an additional death benefit option for members who pass away prior to retirement with at least eight years of service. This additional benefit option, paid to dependent children or dependent parents, is rarely used and complicated to administer.
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STRP Focus on Equity: A New Benefit Formula

Pension & Benefits
You would probably agree that the current STRP formula is a little tricky to understand.  That’s because it’s what we call an “integrated” formula – it  provides different benefits below and above a certain earnings level (called the YMPE) in order to align it with benefits that you earn in the Canada Pension Plan.
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STRP Update: Important Reminders

Pension & Benefits
The STRP is excited to once again be providing a conditional upgrade to teachers’ pensions. On June 30, 2023, eligible active teachers received a 3.8 percent increase to all pension benefits earned between July 1, 2015, and June 30, 2022. This increase will show up on the June 30, 2023, annual statements being sent in December. For more information, read the original announcement.

Northern Lights School Division No Longer In Dispute

News Release
The in-dispute designation placed on Northern Lights School Division on June 19 has been lifted effective July 24. Discussions and negotiations between the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation and NLSD Director of Education Jason Young resulted in a satisfactory resolution.
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