School Staff Liaisons

Spot the school staff liaison … is it you? Are you a natural leader and advocate in your school? Interested in collective bargaining and provincial agreements? Passionate about amplifying the voices of your colleagues and helping them connect with their Federation? Then you would make an incredible school staff liaison! Each school selects their school staff liaison annually.

School staff liaisons serve as a liaison between members and their professional organization. Liaison efforts are focused on encouraging each school staff to take the time to learn about the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation and the issues it is addressing on behalf of teachers. To support communication efforts in a predictable manner, the Federation sends out monthly mailings to all school staff liaisons to coordinate the distribution of material and resources. School staff liaisons are asked to share, post and, at times, discuss the information contained in each mailing with all members on staff. Mailings regarding provincial collective bargaining will be distributed separately and will occur only as needed. Local association presidents also receive a copy of these packages.

In October 2023, one school staff liaison from each school will join the STF at a one-day symposium, SSL-elebration, in three locations: Saskatoon, Regina and Prince Albert. These symposiums will focus on a renewal of the SSL role, the influence of the SSL, and the SSL role during the process of bargaining.

Additional SSL forums may also be arranged throughout the year. We are continuing to explore opportunities to engage and share information with school staff liaisons.

Some school staff liaisons may also serve as staff representatives or in other positions in the local association or provincial organization; in their roles as a liaison, they do not represent or speak for their school. However, they may actively assist the provincial organization in gathering and sharing the views of members to inform Federation decisions and activities.

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