Council consists of members of the STF Executive and those councillors elected by local associations. Important fiduciary and governance-related decisions are made by Council that guide the work the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation does on behalf of the membership.

To help prepare for Council, information is shared and updated on the website. To access details about travel, accommodation and other important resources, please log in to your MySTF account. Members can also log in to learn more about the decisions Council makes that impact the teaching profession.

If you have questions about Council or STF governance processes, please contact the Member Support Centre by emailing or calling toll-free at 1-800-667-7762.

As a councillor, you have several roles. You are a bridge between members and Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation; you are decision maker about Federation bylaws, policies and members of the STF Executive; and you are an advocate for Saskatchewan teachers.


You are a bridge between members at the local level and your Federation colleagues at the provincial level. In this role, you provide feedback to the Federation as a representative of the membership, and you communicate important information from the provincial level to members at the local level. The support you may provide to members is collegial, not expert, in nature. You may refer members to the various programs, services and resources available at the Federation.

Decision Maker

Likely your most prominent role, you are a decision maker in Federation governance. At meetings of Council (i.e., Annual Meeting of Council and Special Meeting of Council) you debate and vote on bylaws, policy, finance, programs and services of the Federation, and you elect the STF Executive. The Governance Handbook is a key reference for councillors and includes The Teachers’ Federation Act, 2006, Federation bylaws and policies, as well as the governance and administrative framework of the Federation. The Councillor Conference is an opportunity to provide feedback on draft bylaws and policies and other governance issues. You can prepare for all Council meetings by reviewing reports, booklets, and other resources available on the website once you log in. You can use these as you prepare to participate in discussions and make decisions that best represent the beliefs of all Saskatchewan teachers.


You further the social and political advocacy efforts initiated by the Federation on behalf of teachers. Council is an opportunity for communication among Federation members, the provincial organization, educational partners and the public. Becoming informed about policy, bylaws and educational issues enables you to speak knowledgeably to your colleagues and the public about the work of the Federation.


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