Pension & Benefits Board

The STF Pension and Benefits Board of Directors carries out responsibilities, as delegated to it by the STF Executive, related to the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Retirement Plan, the Members’ Health Plan, the Teachers’ Long-Term Disability Plan and Portaplan Voluntary Life Insurance. The Board is an amalgamation of, and successor to, the boards of directors constituted for each plan, effective July 1, 2018.

Each of the STF pension and benefits plans has a separate fund that is used for paying out benefits to plan members. The Board monitors, evaluates and makes recommendations to the Executive on matters relating to the financial position of each plan, compliance with relevant legislation, bylaws and policies, and trends and developments that may affect each plan.

Board members, appointed by the Executive, include six individuals who are regular STF members and two independent professionals with specialized knowledge in the area of pension and benefits.

Shayne Meggs


Peggy Welter
Kelly Brezinski
Shannan Corey
Pamela Newman
Wybo Ottenbreit-Born
David Rogers
Murray Totland