Indigenous Leadership

By bringing together Indigenous leaders from across the education sector, this initiative aims to make space for discussions and exploration of the current opportunities, challenges and needs for Indigenous leaders. Plans are being developed to include research within the context of Indigenous leadership in Saskatchewan. With the ultimate goal of increasing opportunities for Indigenous Peoples at all levels of educational leadership, this work is rooted in support for networking, collaboration and self-determination.

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Indigenous Education Responsibility Framework (From Animating The Inspiring Success Policy Framework)

What is it?

Self-assessment/reflection tool to support school divisions to evaluate, plan and report their Indigenous Education activities. In addition, Boards can also use the tool to support governance and assist in strategic planning.

Why was it made?

Boards of Education requested a resource to support at all levels, strategic improvement planning in Indigenous Education. It aims to support school divisions in their continuous efforts to establish effective First Nations and Métis education plans and assess their effectiveness.

Who uses it? How can it be used?

Everyone can, as it creates the opportunity for division- and individual-level self-reflection on First Nations and Métis education within the school/school division.

A multi-layered approach (e.g., board, senior division officials, school/SCC level) may be considered to bring self-assessment from various reference points across the school division to capture and report appropriately the scope of First Nations and Métis education implementation occurring within the school division.

What does it support?

Directly aligned with Inspiring Success, the Indigenous Education Responsibility Framework is intended to support strategic improvement planning at all levels across the education sector.

It will also support school divisions in their continuous efforts to establish effective First Nations and Métis education plans and to assess the effectiveness of those plans through the lens of the goals outlined in Inspiring Success.

In so doing, school divisions and boards will be better equipped to assess their progress on the First Nations and Métis education priorities identified in their strategic plans. This information will also be helpful to feed into the Ministry of Education’s reporting cycle related to the First Nations and Métis education outcomes in the Provincial Education Plan.

How does it fit with the Ministry of Education Indigenous Education initiatives?

The Indigenous Education Responsibility Framework assessment tool consists of a series of five rubrics – one for each of the critical policy goals identified in Inspiring Success.

It will guide the development of the Provincial Education Plan by operationalizing the five critical policy goals established in Inspiring Success. The framework is referenced in the draft Provincial Education Plan feedback document.

How can it be supported in school divisions?

An Indigenous Education Operational Group is being established to bring together all school divisions in advancing reconciliation and Indigenous Education, and to support boards of education as they utilize the Indigenous Education Responsibility Framework to mobilize Inspiring Success. A representative is requested from each school division.

SSBA supports are available such as a critical friend or facilitating discussions amongst senior division lead(s).