Disciplinary Committee Hearings

A hearing may be held by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation regarding a member’s professional ethics or practice. These hearings are conducted by the STF Ethics and Practice Committee (comprised of five appointed Federation members and one public representative appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council).

Prior to the hearing, one or more formal charges are prepared by the Federation’s legal counsel and are served on the member. If necessary, subpoenas are served on witnesses. Federation hearings follow the same legal procedures and are conducted in accordance with the principles of due process including the right of the teacher who is subject of the complaint to:

  • Receive notice of the alleged breach of the Code of Ethics and/or Standards of Practice.
  • Be present at the hearing of one’s case.
  • Cross-examine complainants and witnesses.
  • Be represented by legal counsel.

At the conclusion of the discipline hearing, the committee submits a report to the Federation’s Executive of its findings on the charges and any recommendations about a penalty if the charges have been proven. A copy is also sent to the member who was the subject of the hearing as well as the complainant(s).